Among Us – The Imposter’s Origins

A game that blew in popularity recently is Among Us. The objective of the game changes depending on whether or not you’re a crewmate or an imposter. If you’re a crewmate, your job is to figure out who’s the imposter and vote them out. If you’re the imposter, your job is to kill all of the Crewmates. Imposters can sabotage the systems in order to make their job a lot easier. 

The game is fairly simple but it’s very addictive (even I fell into the rabbit hole). Its appeal also welcomes many people to theorize and wonder about the lore behind the game. One of the biggest mysteries in the game is the imposter itself. Where did it come from? Why is it attacking the crewmates?  What is its goal?

What We Already Know

MIRA is an organization that formed with the goal of finding data from outer space. The crewmates work for this organization. And as for the Skeld, it’s the spaceship built for astronauts to travel to and fro from outer space. Polus is one of the planets that MIRA had planned to investigate and study.

It’s been stated that the MIRA Headquarters had been evacuated because of the Imposters. The reason why it’s not completely abandoned is that there are still people, like the staff members or crewmates themselves that return to the headquarters to fend off the Imposters. If the Imposters aren’t rid of, they’ll take over the headquarters and its resources. The Imposters have been confirmed to be alien shapeshifters, but other details about its origins and its goals have yet to be revealed. So let’s put our thinking caps on and theorize!

The Imposter’s Origins

At first, I assumed the Imposters originated from Polus, but on the wiki, it’s stated that it’s a planet far away from any Imposters. My theory is that if not Polus, the Imposters could’ve originated from one of the other planets that MIRA explored. The Imposters could’ve been benign extraterrestrials, but felt threatened when the crewmates from MIRA came. It’s possible that what provoked them was when they saw the crewmates take samples that were precious to the Imposters. The sly shapeshifters must’ve killed one or several of the crewmates and took the form of those they killed.

However, that theory wouldn’t work because how would the imposters multiply and become such a severe problem that the headquarters had to be evacuated? If the number of imposters remained consistent throughout their whole trip, it would’ve been easier to get rid of all of them and it wouldn’t be a crisis. I think the Imposter could’ve infected some of the crewmates through physical contact. I know the crewmates look like they never take out their suit, but it’s still possible that they only started wearing their suit consistently right after the first outbreak. That outbreak must’ve been what caused the evacuation of the MIRA Headquarters. It took a while for people to figure out the cause of the infection, so it’s likely that it took multiple infections before they put the pieces together.

What Are Its Goals?

I think you all know the drill: Dead body PNGs. Feel free to use. Small  dudes and ghosts up next. : AmongUs

The imposter’s goals would have initially been to retrieve that sample, but once it got trapped inside the ship during its takeoff, its goals might’ve shifted. With no way of getting home, it reacts to the situation like an invasive species would: outcompete its competitors. In this case, “outcompeting” means wiping off everyone in the spaceship. They are most likely doing this so that they are the only ones that can access the resources on whatever planet they land on. Once they landed, they could’ve infected a lot more people using their disguise. This alerted the higher-ups of MIRA and prompted them to evacuate. As for how they reached Polus, some would have joined the other crewmates when they were sent to explore the planet. This is possible because I’d imagine a fair amount of imposters would’ve inhabited the space over time.


These are just my theories though and I’m sure there are many flaws with a lot of these. We aren’t given a lot of information about the imposters, so all we can really do is speculate and make up some details along the way. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. I love the mystery that surrounds the imposters and I love reading about what other people think about them, their origins, and their goals. What do YOU think they are? Do you agree with the things I’ve theorized? If not, what do you have in mind?

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