World of Warships – Thinking Man’s Action Game

World of Warships is a competitive where warships are pit to fight one another in an 2 teams arena style gameplay. This game offers highly sophisticated gameplay that takes time to learn. While the game is promoted as a “thinking man’s action game”, you will realize that random teammates you are paired with in game will often make the wrong decisions and get themselves killed without contributing to the team. Hence, people question if teammates actually think of what is the best course of action before acting. This blog is to state the bare minimum requirements of understanding the game to play decently.

The main goal of the game is simple. You and your team need to either eliminate all of the enemy ships, or to have more points than the enemy team when the timer runs out. Points can be achieved by killing enemy ships and capping objectives.

The Basics

There are many aspects of the game that you have to learn to perform decently within the game. This ranges from positioning your ship well to counter-play against different classes of ships, when to charge in and when to shop shooting and run away etc.

Angling Ship

The first skill that every basic player needs to know, is to angle or hide your broadside (the left and right sides of your ship). This is vital as showing too much of your broadside makes you an extremely easy target to kill instantly within seconds, if not death you will take a lot of damage extremely quickly. To do this, make sure to keep your ship facing your enemy or away from your enemy, but at a sharp angle. Many ships in the game will penetrate your armour at different angles, so stating a specific degree to angle in would be redundant. This does not only make you a smaller and harder target to hit, but also “thickens” your armour as the enemy’s shell would have to go through more total armour to penetrate your ship.

Mini-Map Usage

The second skill that every player should pick up is to utilize your mini-map on the bottom right of your screen. You can press “+” or “-“ to increase the size of the mini-map. Make sure to increase it to a size where you can view all the enemies and allies on that map. You can customize your mini-map to include enemy ship names, their last known locations and (with mods) their radar coverage across the map. This information is vital to the player, as not only can you predict the enemies movements long before the execute it, but you can also tell where the enemy’s last known location is, so you can position yourself to either escape a potential threat, or to blind fire their location. The mini-map is a crucial part of the game many players even at high tier will fail to make use of. However, the sheer amount of intel it provides should never be underestimated.

Disengaging Stealth/Cover

The third skill people should pick up is the knowledge of disengaging when necessary. The option of disengaging out of battle is always crucial to surviving. This can be achieved by many methods. The first method is to plan your escape route, to be able to go to places behind islands and prevent the enemy from shooting you to death. This ensures when you are caught in a tight situation, you can easily exit, heal up or relocate before engaging the enemy again. The second method to disengaging is to stop firing when there are no enemies within your base detection. You can check your base detection in port, or by pressing “H” in the middle of battle. Knowing when to stop firing is something many players need to pick up. It is always tempting to shoot at someone and deal more damage, as that is how players are most rewarded. However, there are times where its better to preserve your health or life to allow you to deal more damage later into the game. The act of shooting also applies to your anti-aircraft guns for destroyers. If you practice these 2 skills, you will find yourself a lot harder to kill in game.

Common Mistakes

Beginners Matchmaking

There are also a lot of common misconceptions about the game. One of these misconceptions is that having a higher tier and better ship means you are invincible. However, higher tier ships will get placed into higher tier matchmaking and the gameplay is extremely punishing to mistakes made by the player. New players can often spend money on the game on a high tier ship, only to become EXP fodder for the enemy team. To avoid this, when you start the game, play ships from tier 1-7 for your first 100+ games. This is because you get thrown into a “beginners matchmaking” where most enemies are bots and possess extremely low capabilities in battle. Do note that “beginners matchmaking” only applies to ships of tier 1-7, and playing a ship tiered 8-10 will instantly put u into normal matchmaking.

Remembering Mistakes

This should help you get familiar to the game mechanics without punishing you for every small mistake you make. Another misconception that people have is that you only made a mistake after you die. World of warships is a slow paced game, where every move you make could end up becoming a delayed gratification or delayed death. Shells fired from ships take time to travel to the target. So a turn you made 2 minutes ago could be the cause of your death, but you wont realize as most games punish bad play just before you die. Hence to improve on the game, reflect on every little detail you did even long before you died. Take note of who could potentially shoot you, and who cannot. Who can pose a threat to you, and who cannot.

Staying in Groups

In world of warships, you may prefer to sit far away from your enemies to stay safe and utilize your range, or stay with a group of your teammates. However, this is not the most optimal way to win the match. By staying too far away from the action, you provide little presence within the fight besides your firepower. This means that the enemy has lesser people to contest with when they decide to start pushing in. At the same time, being far away from the action means when the fight on your side ends, it will take a long time before u can continue contributing to the battle which could be happening at a different location. Similarly, staying in large groups means that you sacrifice a lot of map control while providing nearly as much value as if one ship was there. This is because when you travel in groups, the enemy has to only angle their ship towards your group of ships, and they will be extremely difficult to kill. Hence, it is usually better to spread your ships out across the map, not too far away from each other to prevent the enemy from taking free map control from you. With this in mind, mindlessly rushing too far into the enemy team is also usually suicide. Hence, it is critical to time all your actions and sit in strong positions within the game.

Specific Mechanics

For more in-depth information in regards to this game, please watch the basic guides provided by the game itself as it covers each and every individual topic in depth:

Game Basics – How It Works


World of warships is a “thinking mans game” with players have worse IQ than those found in other games. To prevent being categorized with these types of players, ensure that you know how to never show broadside, always pay attention to your mini-map and know when to disengage. Always think back all of your movements as mistakes are usually punished way after they occur. With this in mind, ensure to play with the mindset that your teammates will not assist you.

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