5 Best Indie Games

Throughout the recent ten years, Indie games have witnessed a massive appeal not seen before. From platforming to first-person games, from Metroidvania to action-adventure, indies are surely known for their variety when it comes to picking genres. However, not every Indie game is worth your time. That is why I’m here to tell you about ” Top 5 Indie Games ” that I personally recommend.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a 2D action role-playing game developed by Heart Machine. This fine piece of art pays homage to the old 8-bit and 16-bit games such as The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, or Illusion of Gaia. The game was released back in 2016 on PC and consoles, then after two years, it was released on the Nintendo Switch and the iOS.

The game puts you in the shoes of the Drifter, a character that has access to technology that has long been forgotten by the inhabitants of the game’s world and is suffering from an unknown illness. The game’s story takes inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky. Meanwhile, the game’s world took inspiration from NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind.

The gameplay is pretty identical to classic Legend of Zelda games. The drifter is equipped with an energy sword and a gun. The more you progress, the more you gain new abilities that will help you further in your journey. If you’re looking for a challenging game with superb visuals, then this one is for you.


Inside (stylized as INSIDE) is a puzzle-platformer adventure game developed and published by Playdead in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

In the game, you control a boy in a dystopic world, solving environmental puzzles and avoiding death. His journey won’t be that easy as foes and other creatures will try to hunt him down. In fact, this is the successor to Playdead’s 2010 game Limbo, and features similar 2.5D game-play.

The gameplay is pretty identical to Limbo. The game is obscure, with color used sparingly to highlight both the player and certain parts of the environment. The game is also silent most of the time, with the exception of occasional musical cues, the boy’s vocals, dogs barking, equipment and sound effects. Your whole objective here is to overcome obstacles and survive no matter what the cost.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is what happens when Castlevania: Symphony of the Night gives birth. It is a 2017 action-adventure game developed and published by Team Cherry, and was released for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux in 2017, and for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2018.

The Game’s story follows a nameless knight, as they traverse an ancient plague-infested kingdom inhabited by various insects, known as Hallownest. The Knight must travel through Hallownest, fighting bosses and unlocking new abilities to progress, as they uncover the mysteries of the kingdom.

When it comes to the gameplay, the game is challenging and full of backtracking. Similar to previous Metroidvania games, there’s a lot to be discovered here, and a handful of abilities, as well as, items to collect. The game isn’t as difficult as Dead Cells or Cuphead, but it will surely put your skills to the test.

Katana Zero

Katana Zero is a 2D action platform video game developed by Askiisoft and published by Devolver Digital for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Nintendo Switch in 2019. The game was also released on Xbox One on October 15, 2020.

The game puts you in the shoes of Zero, an amnesiac samurai assassin tasked with killing anyone he’s told to kill. He’s been treated with an experimental drug called Chronos, granting him a unique perception of time. This ability is crucial against his enemies.

Note, the game doesn’t have health, so receiving a hit means instadeath. The player character navigates side-scrolling levels, attempting to kill every enemy in that level using his blade or environmental traps. In addition, The player character can deflect bullets with his slash, slow time with a meter that slowly refills, and dodge attacks using rolls. Lastly, it also features a real-time conversation system that the player can interrupt.


Coming last in the list is Celeste. The aforementioned is another platforming video game by Canadian video game developers Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry, with art by the Brazilian studio MiniBoss. Celeste was released in January 2018 on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, and Linux, with a 2020 release on Google Stadia.

The Game’s story revolves around the story of Madeline, a young woman on a journey to climb the titular mountain. Madeline is in a funk: anxious, unsure, and struggling with depression. The mountain is more than just a giant rock.

It’s a 2D platforming game in which you have to climb the mountain while avoiding obstacles and falling down to your death. What’s fascinating is how the game starts easy then become tough the more your progress. However, the more you progress, the better you become. In addition, to break boredom, the game grants new abilities to help him climb the mountain. Like Superdash, hyperdash, ultradash. However, there’s also a feature where the player is granted infinite dashes. This feature was mode for those who can’t beat the game, so it’s a nice addition.

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