Benefits Of Gaming

Jumping on enemies while collecting coins and power-ups to save Princess Peach can induce nostalgia in anyone. That was a while ago, now the gaming industry has come lightyears ahead of Super Mario Brothers. From outstanding visuals to fun game mechanics paired with immersive audio, video-games truly have come far. Wouldn’t you like to know about the benefits of playing video games?

Decision Making Skills

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In each and every video game you have to make decisions fast and accurate. One misstep and you’re falling down a ravine and losing all your progress. The player has to make these decisions in a flash and gaming emulates decision making thus improving it overtime as you keep playing.

Hand-Eye Coordination

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Usually, players have to press certain keys or button combos to navigate or interact throughout the game. Reflex games such as First Person Shooters (FPS) or driving games challenge the player in difficult environments to adapt and overcome obstacles or enemies. For that video-games train the player, making them sharp as knives in real life.

Accelerates Analytical Ability

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In advanced games like MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) the player is forced to learn new and unique mechanics of a game and strategize to win. During this process, the player’s logical faculties are heavily used thus accelerating the ability to analyze a situation and adapt to it. Playing games like these makes the player take an analytical approach in real life.

Stress Coping

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After a long day of work, one can just relax and get into open-world games and roam around the beautiful environment. Studies have shown that games do help reducing stress as well as helping with depression. But games can also be engaging thus making the player forget some stressful situation.

Building Teamwork

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Playing games with friends is fun as well as challenging. Multiplayer games such as FPS games help you and your friends be an elite team that reduces enemies to shreds or base building games can bring out the creativity as well as co-ordination amongst you and your friends to achieve building a massive city from just sitting on the couch.

Boosts Creativity

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Games give the players freedom from building another Eiffel tower to a small cozy lake house. Not only that but games nowadays force a heavy emphasis on character customization. Gamers can truly create, emulate, as well as destroy entire worlds in video games giving a nice and refreshing boost to the inner creativity in everyone.

Educational Focus

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Simulator games have come a long way. They can teach a child about how physics works, how machinery works, as well as how the nearby environment reacts. Players can jump in a car as well as an actual simulation of aircraft and learn everything needed. Not just simulations but games also teach tough to deal with subjects such as mathematics and even languages.


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VR (Virtual Reality) has evolved gaming to the next level. Players can just wear a headset and experience the action of getting into a boxing match or just dance to the rhythmic beat of their favorite tunes in VR Games. Don’t think video games can’t tire you out ’cause playing high action VR games will give you the physical workout you can achieve by cycling or hiking by just dancing around in a room (while having fun)


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Who doesn’t like to be entertained? I know I do. And video games do just that. You can not only watch but live through an entire movie through video games.

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