Space Engineers – Space Exploration & Base Building Done Right

For the ones who are not familiar with the game, Space Engineers is a game that mixes both space exploration and base building. The overall game does not seem to really have an end goal or something to reach out for – well it is a sandbox game after all. This may sound unappealing, however, it’s quite something else, although the game does offer scenarios that might add “story” and an end goal, it may not appeal to everyone who usually enjoys playing a story-driven game or having an end-goal. The upside is that the game allows mods and also has a proper steam workshop, which has everything to offer any casual players. P.S I will not be diving into mods


One of the huge upside to the game is the mix of space and sandbox. It’s basically one of the best games to get if you are into building. The game offers a lot for people who are creative or people who generally like building, things from space ships to auto walking killing machines. However, one huge drawback is that the game is just that, sandbox, build your own adventure type. You either enjoy it or don’t. Don’t get me wrong, the game, personally, is one of the best sandbox games out there and has a lot to offer to anyone, but it lacks in things such as proper combat and objectives.

Scripting also plays a huge part in the game. The game offers a programable block that allows you to automate tasks or allow your base to be more lively. One great example is the power of being able to control what screens show. Here is what i am talking about

The physics of the game is sometimes a hit and miss. The basic physics is there, but trying to create advance creations sometimes does not end well. The community refers to its clunky physics as Clang, the sound of two metal hitting each other. Here is the full definition

Clang‘ is a fictional entity players have created to emotionally help them deal with hours of work going down the drain. … “Clang” in reference to Space Engineers is a pseudo-deity that is the supposed “cause” of everything that goes wrong in the game.

The game is nowhere close to being an accurate physics simulator or even being an accurate simulation as it offers unrealistic thruster physics, no actual aerodynamic and it’s incapable of following the law of physics. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it offers a smooth learning curve for players.

Another great thing about the game is that the game doesn’t hold your hand or makes you follow a linear path. What you do in the game depends on what you, as the player, have in mind. This can be building a megabase or building a space elevator, the game offers the freedom for you to really do what you want. The limit, of course, being your PC or the server.

Have a look at what sorts of madness you can create


One of the most disappointing aspects of the game is it’s multiplayer. I always have the worst experiences with it’s multiplayer, it’s very clunky and very unplayable at times. One of its major problems is desync and countless other bugs. You might argue that desyncs are normal for some games, but having to log back in every time you have a major crash landing or even having a need for the server to restart is not very pleasant at times. I have hosted 2 servers myself and the pain of having to deal with memory leaks or server crashes is really indescribable. I have had Minecraft servers with 200+ mods occupy lesser ram then Space Engineers with 20 mods.

It doesn’t always stop there. If you own a gaming rig with a lot of ram, you would notice that the game would sometimes hog a huge portion of it. Other smaller issues are infinity connection issues or taking upwards to 15 minutes for the game to load updated terrains. Having any sorts of major scale space battles is sometimes very hard to achieve or even building a megabase is sometimes hard to maintain.

Other downsides of the game are the repetitive beginning and the lack of content for survival. Any player who has played Space Engineers for over 500 hours would understand the pain of the first few days. It’s a non-stop loop of getting resources and finding resources. With no AIs, proper progression, proper shooting mechanics or even combat mechanics, players often get bored of the game after some time. It’s more of a game for people who like to play in creative mode as the game lacks in content for playing in survival.

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