Gaming vs Normal Mouses

Computer games are very trending among youngsters. There are many high-quality games available for playing. Also, there are many accessories for gaming purposes. A mouse is a basic requirement for gaming. Douglas Engelbart invented it. The mouse is a pointing device whose basic function is selecting the items on the screen. For gaming, different gaming mouse types are available.  A gamer widely uses gaming mice for increasing their performance and best game review. The gaming mouse comes from very basic to most advance. It depends on the requirements and preferences. One can also use a normal mouse for gaming, but they cause less accuracy, more stress, discomfort, and sometimes injuries in hand. So it is very important to choose a good mouse for gaming.


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As discussed, a gaming mouse is different from a normal mouse. They follow the basis, which makes them different.

1) Dots per inch– It is related to the sensitivity of the mouse. If the mouse has high dots per inch feature, then less movement gives more shift and vice versa. The gaming mouse has high dots per inch compared to another normal PC mouse, which increases its efficiency for gaming purposes.

2) Programmable button– A normal mouse has only two buttons for left and right clicks. But a gaming mouse has especially designed buttons that intensify gaming accuracy.

3) Sensor– The gaming mouse has a high-level laser sensor. But normal mice have optic sensors which, make it more difficult for them for gaming purposes.

4) Weight– Gaming mouse is lightweight as compared to the traditional mouse. It enhances smooth movement.

5) Adjustable– The gaming mouse is more adjustable than a normal mouse.

Types of Gaming Mouse

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Like there is a difference between a gaming mouse and a normal PC mouse. Similarly, gaming mouse comes in different varieties; many gaming mouse types are available in the market. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and features. Even many online websites provide gaming mouse. The below mentioned are two different basic types of gaming mouse:

1) Wireless Gaming Mouse– This mouse was introduced a few years back. They are the most trending gaming mouse type. Such a mouse works on the principle of Bluetooth or infrared interface with the support of an adapter. There is a USB without wire inserted in a laptop or PCs, which creates a small Bluetooth connection. This mouse derives power through batteries. They are convenient and easy to use. These are attracting more customers because of its wire-less concept. As they don’t have cables, there is no problem with tangle or cluttered cable. This mouse is easily available online and at other stores. They might be available at a high price, but they are reliable. Also, they are available at low prices due to their popularity and excessive demand. They are mostly used while gaming. They are easy to carry and gaming while traveling. This gaming mouse is the modern transformation of the traditional one.

2) Wired Gaming Mouse- These are the traditional mouse with wires. They are easy to use and convenient to use because of their stable connection. It is one of the easiest available and a traditional gaming mouse type. They are popular since older times. Even the first mouse was with wire. These generally derive their power from the system to which they are connected. And they are easily available in the market and at affordable prices. They are easy to use, and many renowned companies are providing a wired mouse. 

Whenever one talks about a mouse, this one comes to mind. The gaming mouse is available in wired form also, which can give you the best game review. When gaming mice were introduced, they were with wires as they were trending at that time. Using a wired gaming mouse has some advantages and disadvantages.

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