Horror Movie – The Non-Living To The Livings

Horror films are the aggravating genre of movies designed to scare and frighten the viewers and cause panic among them. Horror movies bring out the fearful side of its viewers, keeping them begging at the mercy of the terrifying movie scenes that sometimes make them shout and scream in fear to the top of their voice. Horror films mainly focus on the darker side of the world, or rather the unknown mysterious side that we prefer not to believe or witness in reality. Some horror movies scare their viewers so much that such victims’ interviews are held where they have confessed to experience nightmares from a particular horror movie or series that they have seen.


Shooting this for album art for the band Easy Kill. We wanted to reflect the references in the lyrics to movies and cinema; whilst also showing the desolate/isolated emotions dealt with in the album, too.
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Horror movies came into the cinema world as early as in the late 1800s or the early 1900s. George Melies, a film pioneer, is credited with the introduction of horror movies to world cinema. Since then. The love for horror movie reviews has been ever increasing in the viewers’ hearts and minds as it portrays the more fascinating sides of the nonliving. Witnessing a horror film, gives the viewer an opening into the world of ghosts and their deeds. Shadowy shapes, blurry figures, white-clothed entity, distorted bodies are all used to portray ghosts on the screen.  Though it might sound weird, watching a horror movie could be a real experience of thrill and fun together.

The Journey

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Horror films started with the introduction of vampires, ghastly figures, monsters, and flesh eating zombies. The lack of advanced technology during those days demanded heavy makeup and other accessories to prepare a horror movie.

The style of earlier horror movies was usually gothic. The film was set up in spooky mansions, night forests, or old or fog-shrouded places. The heavy use of sound effects makes the experience more real. However, the horror movies made in the current century make more use of special effects to give its viewers a realistic experience. If you are a big fan of horror movies, you must already know how a horror movie’s surroundings have completely lifted to great heights in all these years.

The Curtained

Talent worldwide is eager to display what it possesses, but mediums’ slender choices were holding them back. A big release takes a plethora of components that are not a piece of cake to incur. The big screen also works with, for, and by the network, whereas online movie reviews is a scaled-down business. This is a world under discovery that lets people show their individuality to a massive audience. The curtained world of artists seeking a platform with big names that want to showcase them. The ease of online movies from the bedroom to the patio demands more content every day. 

The time of short films has just arrived; they are voraciously eager to fill their content libraries with the solitary subject. The short films provide the freedom to raise a voice, do something very unusual, and experiment along the process. The directors, who once were waiting for someone to notice their idea, are going to prominent film festivals. These artists stories inspire millions to create their path and become susceptible to all that comes their way.

The phrase “Netflix and chill” is not something that came out of nothing; it became popular because people enjoy staying home, taking a break from their daily routine, and enjoying a movie by themselves; it’s a global trend now.

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