Angels of Death

Angels of Death

Angels of Death was originally a Japanese horror adventure game by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch, it was made into an anime show by produced by J.C.Staff and premiered on July 6, 2018.

This anime is the type of show that has good balance between mystery, action, intensity, psychological thriller, and just the right amount of violence/gore. The plot and story follows a suicidal girl name Rachel and Zack, a crazy mass killer who refuses to kill her, they are in a building with different floor masters, as the story progress we learn the story behind each floor master and the reason behind why they kill. 


  I really like how they bring the retro pixel-looking RPG in games into an anime, it brings everything to life and make the visuals of the anime really brighten up with a different mood when compared to your usual animes. Back to the story here is a brief summary to help you understand the story as a whole, Rachel Gardner wakes up in a unknown room with only memories of her name and the last thing she did which was going for a therapy.

We soon realized the story is a sick and twisted game, the only way Rachel is able to escape her faith of death is to survive going through each floor, on her first entry on the first floor she meets the floor master name “Issac Foster” also know as Zach who finds no motivation in killing someone emotionless. Because of her emotionless eyes and behavior when Zach wanted to kill her, he decided not to kill her. Zach is now another victim in this sick game, him and Rachel forms an alliance/team to get through traps and killers of every other floor together, in order to escape. After forming this team, they each made a promise to each other that once they’ve escaped, she wants him to kill her.

 After giving you a short summary of the entire story, I’ll talk about how the story relates to the theme of “Teamwork”, it is showed in the characteristic of the main character and the different challenges/psychological manipulation by each floor master. Rachel’s role is to function as the brain of the pair, thanks to her absence of emotions she’s able to efficiently work through any obstacle or puzzle, that the floor master has set up specifically to manipulate them emotionally, trigger unwanted event, and mind games to entangle others.

“Because you and I are not tools. To kill and to be killed are our own choices.”Issac Foster

Whereas Issac Foster role in their teamwork is, the brawn to Rachel’s intelligence and plans, basically Rachel has the brain to get through the obstacles but she lacks strength and power to put it into play, even though Zach has the mental capacity of an eight-year-old he has the skills of a fighter and will destroy anything that gets between him and his target, without morally thinking about it in his head. Zach and Rachel together as a team, works really well together they are able to help each other and complete things that each of them lacks, even though their end goals are different they were able to make a promise and push each other towards their shared goal. The events in episode 4-5 really shows the power of their teamwork. 

The other theme “Freedom vs Safety” is showed in the story through the determination of keeping their promise. In the end, even after destroying the building, they still stick to it. Rachel gets sent to a psychiatric home where they tried to investigate into why or what happened to the building, her end goal was still to be killed by Zach who was now locked upped in a jail. Zach and Rachel had so many chances and opportunities to break free from the insane promise they made to each other. My favorite scene in this anime is when Zach broke out of prison just to kill Rachel in the dark sky lit by a blue moon just like the reflection in Rachel’s old room. 

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