Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is a comedy Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūsei Matsui in 2012. This manga series was made into an anime series and the first season was broadcasted in Japan on Fuji Television from January 9-June 19, 2015.

Matsui Yusei
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The story takes place in a world where a yellow octopus liked alien with a big smile appear and to destroy the world, he claimed to be responsible for destroying 70% of the moon and planned on doing the same to Earth in a year. He made a negotiation where he would be “teaching” for a year, and the only way to stop him from destroying Earth, is by killing him. This mysterious yellow octopus alien became a homeroom teacher at Kunugigaoka Junior High School of class 3-E which had a mass of 28 students. These students had bad grades and reputation and were tasked with a mission to assassinate an unknown destructive life form.

Failure is a vital part of life, and achievement

Earth’s only salvation and hope lies in the students of Kunugigaoka Junior High School of class 3-E, the worst class in the school, that consists of students that are delinquents, bottom scorers, and general no-hopers, these students are just jumbled together in a school deep in the woods and they are treated unfairly because of their reputation. Koro-sensei is teaching them the usual subjects, but also methods of assassination, in the hopes that they would be able to kill him within the one-year limit. You’d expect the story to be gory and showing how these murderous students tries to kill an alien in the most violent way possible but it’s actually a heart warming, touching, and hilarious story that explored the topics of unconventional teachers, the importance of teamwork, and the misuse of Power and Authority. Koro-sensei ends up being the best teacher they ever had, instructing them to turn into the best version of themselves, helping them with their homework, and giving them the necessary abilities to prevail throughout everyday life; while simultaneously showing them hand to hand fighting, how to use assault rifles (fake ammo, a type of ammo only him take damages too), and giving them each aptitude they would need to kill him. The story has the power to make you cry and pity the only villain in the story, Koro-sensei at the beginning. 

“The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.” – Koro Sensei

This story showcases “Teamwork” in a very common and relatable way, the common goal of students class 3-E is to destroy their teacher, save the Earth, and to get the prize money. At the opening of the anime, the students weren’t working together, all their attempts consited of individual attempt ex: open fire at Koro-sensei. In the first actual assassination attempt on Koro-sensei, that involved some type of teamwork, is Nagisa attempt’s, he walked upped to the teacher with a knife behind a board as a bluff meaning he meant to bait Koro-sensei to focus on the knife and not on the bomb, he wore on her neck, and he went in for a hug to try to blow up Koro-sensei.

Teamwork, failed teamwork, but teamwork all the same.

Over the course of the story development, the students learn to use their individual skills to work together and achieve their goal. An example is when Okuda makes an honest assassination attempt using her knowledge in chemistry. For midterms and finals especially the class bands together to help each other study. They play off of each other to help bring their grades as a class up. Everything they do helps them to master team work and get one step closer to their ultimate prize. 

How this story embark the theme of “Freedom vs Safety” is showed through the effort, bonding, and teaching style of Koro-sensei. The story makes you care about each and every one of the characters, especially Korosensei and his students. When indulging yourself into the story, you can’t help but appreciate his enthusiasm and excitement while doing his job as an educator/teacher. Keep in mind he is putting in all his effort, while the whole world resents him and wants him dead, even his own students wanted it too(he was going to die regardless of being killed in a year anyway). Regardless of this he is still able to constantly analyse the situation and stay grounded. His passion for teaching is shown in one of the many situations where he puts his life on the line to motivate his students in an exam: 

Freedom vs safety is showed through his efforts and passion for his job, he uses tactics and strategy to teach the students actual valuable life lesson. Also he doesn’t judge his students, he doesn’t force them to respect him rather earn the respect from his students. He could’ve broke free from the darkness of humans and their attempts to entrap him, he had the knowledge and power to seek for medicine and to be saved but he didn’t, he wanted to be free and live the life he wanted, which is becoming a passionate teacher. 

Koro-sensei creating tests based on the students strengths and abilities, he also gave advice and taught them based on their personal skill level.

“My dear student… may you graduate… in peace.” -Koro sensei

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