Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, it was turned into an anime and it was first broadcast on television during April to September 2013. I remembered this anime getting really popularized and famous because of how friendly the anime is to new anime watchers, in a way Attack on Titan is like a gateway for new anime watchers to venture deep into it. 

The series’ author Hajime Isayama

The world-building, subtle character-building, references to humanity role as a whole, and the philosophical meaning behind the whole story is what is so attractive about this anime. Back to the plot, this story takes place in a fantasy world where humanity was reserved to live in 3 enormous walls like animals in cages to protect them from giant hungry human that were usually as tall as 5-15 meters tall.

A human’s will of wanting freedom Through teamwork has the power to drive people to their Goals. 

Because of these ruthless titans, humanity was forced to created 3 army regiments who risk their lives to protect humanity from the titans. They are trained to fight against the titans using the 3D Maneuver Gear and to protect humanity when the titans breach the walls. These three army regiments and their roles: 

  • The Garrisons: They are the ones who patrols and maintains the quality of the walls, they are the one who are supposed to act first to engage the titan if the wall ever gets destroyed.
  • The Survey corps: They are tasked to try to reclaim territories that have been lost to the titans. 
  • The Military police: They are in charged with keeping order inside the Walls and protecting their king. 

“Nothing can suppress a human’s curiosity.”Eren jaeger

The garrisons
The survey corps
The military police

The main character, Eren Jaeger realized from a young age that the world he is living in is rotten to the core, he always seek for the forbidden questions and questioned the roles of those mere highly soldiers, if they were actually doing their job. He grew up in Shiganshina district with his mother, Carla, his father, Grisha and his adopted sister, Mikasa. Along with their childhood friend, Armin, as a kid, he had a strong personality even though he wasn’t strong enough to make a change in anything. On the day where the Colossal, Armored and Female Titans brought down Wall Maria, he had to witness the horrors of his home being destroyed, civilians being eaten, and worst of all he watched as his mother get eaten despite the effort he put in to try to save her. He realized that on that day, mankind received a grim reminder of living in the fear of the titans and that they were a disgraced to live in these cages they called walls. He also realized and blame the death of his mother on his weakness because of this anger and frustration from his mother’s death and how the government reacted by leading more refugees into their death, him, his sister, and Armin decides to enlist in the military in order to defeat and destroy titans. After completing it for 3 years, they graduated top 10 of the class and chooses to enlist into the Survey corps to fight Titans outside the walls and also study the physiology of Titans in order to know what they are fighting.

I won’t get into the details of the events and details but what is important is how the main idea: teamwork and freedom relate to this story. The first heart breaking moment is when Eren, Mikasa, and Armin witness the horrors of loosing all their family they were able to rely on each other to get through life as “orphans” and alone in a terrifying world, the process of them training together in the military and pushing each other forward signifies the teamwork and bond they’ve showed throughout the story, not only that Mikasa, Eren, and Armin really compliments each other well they push together to be their better self and they are in this path together, even after Eren was on the verge of getting kicked out of the military Mikasa and Armin were going to follow him and drop out too. This type of bond and teamwork towards life in general without the case of “survival of life or death” on the line is really rare.

Mikasa from the opening of the story always wished for her and his brother’s safety. She didn’t like how he fought for others even when he clearly doesn’t have the strength too. Throughout training and when they had battles/missions, Eren’s safety was always her first priority on her mind. These three main characters were elite soldiers. They had the chance to go live a leisure and worrisome free life in the wall Sina, while working as a military police, but they choose not to. They stick through problems together,  joined the survey corps, and their ultimate goals of slaying titans still remained. This signifies them wanting a changed and risking their safety to have freedom or at least a lick of how the world looked past the walls and the titan territories (freedom vs safety). In the end, they were able to reach their goals and fight for what they believe in, which is freedom for humanity.

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