Apex Legends – New Era of BR

Apex legend is a free-to-play first-person shooter battle royale game that is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It is released for Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and they are planning to release on mobile as well. This game is a very smooth game, it has improved the formula of its cake and it brings a fresh start to the genre, it is improving constantly, it very creative and innovative.


The movement in-game is very satisfying considering you can climb on top of anything, you can slide and move fast, the animation of your character is great and a big bonus, you don’t take any fall damage if falling from high places, pretty cool right? This game has great visual graphics, the gameplay is the same as Titanfall 2 but you can’t really wall run or jumping or double jump but there is one legend named “Octane” that can double jump using his tactical ability which is known as the jump pad and also it doesn’t have titans. Now you might think it boring but it not like other battle royale games, you can enter quests, collect treasures to earn different types of rewards as well, the storyline of the game is full of surprises and excitement, it basically hyping up all the players, it is constantly updating, they keep adding new things and improving regardless of anything which makes the game more fun and exciting.

Take a look of their first launch trailer


Even though it a smooth game but it not always perfect, nothing is perfect. There’s always a downside to it no matter what. Even though this is a fun game and has many game modes like trios and duo but for some reason, this game doesn’t have a solo queue game mode which makes it hard for solo players to enjoy the game. Most people prefer to play trio than duo in Asian sever which also makes it hard for duo players to find a match and play instantly, people rarely play duo mode as well. Every time there is a new update, it impossible that you can play the game the first time after the new update. From my personal experience before, I couldn’t play after one new update, after I launch the game all I see was dead pixels, black spots, and other errors but they have a very wide community and I was able to get it fixed. This game is also expensive, it takes 20$ to unlock a new legendary skin, this is too much despite it a free game.

This is the apex legend store
As you can see, you’ll have to spend 20$ to able to afford a legendary skin.


The characters in this game AKA the “legends” each have their own unique tactical ability and ultimate abilities, they are all extremely cool, like overwatch each legend comes with different hitboxes and sizes and has different unique advantages over their enemies depending on the player. For me personally, I like playing 2 legends which is “Crypto” and “Mirage”, These 2 legends is very unique, for Crypto we can look at him as a hacker or a high IQ legend that works with technologies. He uses a drone to detect enemies as his tactical abilities and use EMP with his drone that disables enemies’ shield and devices and also slowing them down giving crypto the advantage to strike. On the other hand, Mirage is also very cool, his personalities are fun and he uses clones of himself as his tactical abilities but he can only send one clone out while his ult can send clones to surround him and confuse his enemies giving him the chance to strike or recover.


I’m sure you’ll find a legend that will fit your personality. In the end, Apex Legends is a solid battle royale that is for both casual and hardcore. The game might fade into obscurity when the time comes, but this serves as a stepping stone for Respawn as it benefits them by making new content with new ideas, expand the lore of their franchise, improve the developer’s retrospective in working and gain a reputation among the community. Overall I would say Apex legend is a really good battle royale game and I would highly recommend you to start playing today.

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