GarageBand – An Overview

The world is full of music lovers who like to rejuvenate their lives with fast beats and amusing lyrics. Music for a musicophile performs the same function what a heart does for a normal human being. Now, what on earth does that mean, right? Well, just like the heart pumps blood into our body in the same manner for a person who loves listening to music, it gives a different kind of vibe to them.

There are various types of mobile applications that are getting developed every day; some are specifically designed to provide a suitable platform for playing different songs. For those who are using products manufactured by Apple Inc., they must be quite aware of the application Garageband. Let us discuss what the application is and its uses.

What is Garageband

What if you get an equipped studio for creating any music or song inside your mobile phone or laptop? Well, you heard it correct, mobile phones and laptops with the facility of proper music studio within. Apple Inc. introduced this feature in their products and devices back in the year 2004.

Garageband is the application designed specifically for platforms that use Mac operating systems. This app consists of a proper music library where several musical instruments range from drums and guitars. The user can record and create their music samples by playing instruments and sharing the same with their friends.

Features Offered

If you are an iOS user and still don’t have Garageband installed on your phone or Mac laptop, you can always buy the application from the official website or Apple Inc. store. Certain features which one can avail from this particular and amazing application are mentioned as follows:- 

  • Record audio clips and songs: –You can add a variety of effects to the recorded audio clips, enhancing the overall quality of the song. The user can record the audio in resolutions such as 16 or 24 bits.
  • Auto-tuning feature: If you find that your recorded audio clips are missing some charm, it can be corrected using the application’s auto-tuning feature.
  • Realistic virtual instruments: –The user can select from a wide range of virtual musical instruments and play them to create their music or audio clip. Instruments such as drums, guitars, synthesizers, etc., can be chosen as per the user’s wish. 

Apple’s dedicated approach towards making music, more importantly, creating music more readily available to people, received applause for being the first of its kind. It was the only application of its kind to offer customization and mixing of music with many options.

Key features

black and gray audio mixer
Photo by Jason Mowry on Unsplash
  • Audio recording: Musicians can record at their home without the need for a recording studio. The sound input and output are excellent, with external noise cancellation constantly working to keep as close to the original notes as possible.
  • Virtual software instruments: There is software used in studios that correct the tempo and pitch of the notes. These programs are often costly and require expensive hardware too. Apple has solved this problem with GarageBand, which readily makes available these tools.
  • The guitar features: These instruments use mixers and amplifiers to add effects to the original voice. With the help of Apple’s music app, you can connect your guitar to your phone and use it as a mixer.
  • Music lessons: If you are new to music but feel the urge to indulge, Apple can help you with it. The app also provides music lessons for the unlearned. It has a list of practice tracks, too, for the purpose of gaining fluency. 
  • Main stage 2: This feature allows you to mimic the onstage setup of a band. With a number of musical instruments available to choose from, you can create a one-person show. 

Public Response

It was received amidst acclaims from its users. The only criticism it received was removing the podcast feature from its later versions, although it has continued to add features with every new version coming out. Several independent artists have lent their tracks to be made use of in its demo features.

So now there is a chance for you to become and feel like a professional musician with this incredible iOS application.

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