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How many of you love to watch movies? Are you amongst those who get completely involved in the story while watching it on the big screen? That’s exactly what is bound to happen when you watch a great movie with a bang on the story and perfect direction. Some movies are so great that they leave you speechless. Let us discuss the importance of watching movies online and some best movies for you.

Watching Online

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Years have passed, but Hollywood has never disappointed any of the viewers and still tries to make movies that mesmerize the audience. And now that all of us have a smartphone in our pocket, there is no more need to stand in long queues for hours waiting to buy the tickets. Download a movie app on your phone, for instance, Showbox, and enjoy the film conveniently. Why don’t you want to stand in a queue to get a movie ticket so? Is it better to watch movies online than too by paying less? You should know some movies that are worth watching.  

Movies Worth Watching

Now let’s get down to the names of the Top 5 Hollywood Movies of all times that have left a permanent mark on the memory of the audience worldwide:

  1. Titanic – When talking about the most successful Hollywood movies, there is no chance to forget Titanic’s name. A fabulous work by director James Cameron, the story of Titanic revolves around a true happened in the year 1912, resulting in the sinking of the cruise in the North Atlantic ocean. It’s about the love story of two characters, Rose and Jack, portrayed by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The story depicts the difference in social classes that still exists in today’s society.
  2. The Godfather – Considered to be a cult classic, The Godfather remains the best Hollywood movie ever made. Director Francis Ford Coppola left no stones unturned in making this movie the greatest motion picture worldwide. The story is about a crime family based in New York City and was released in 1972, followed by The Godfather part 2 and 3. The movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor. The National Film Registry has selected the movie for preservation. Actors Al Pacino and Marlon Brando were highly praised for their roles as Michael and Vito Corleone.
  3. Star Wars Trilogy – For the audience amazed at space opera movies or films, and Star Wars remains their favorite. Since its release in 1977, there have been many Hollywood movies made on the same subject, but no one could match the level of Star Wars. All three parts of the movie received a positive response from the critics and the worldwide audience. The story focuses on the Rebel Alliance’s attempts to destroy and end the Galactic Empire’s authoritarian rule. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill are the three major star cast of the movie. In terms of earning, Star Wars ranks as the 3rd highest-grossing movie worldwide.
  4. Raiders of the Lost Ark – Directed by Steven Spielberg, Indiana Jones, and the Lost Ark’s Raiders is a complete action and adventure-packed movie. Actor Harrison Ford who portrays the role of Indiana Jones, the antagonist, is an archaeologist who searches for the most famous artifact, Ark of the Covenant. In his quest, he fights the Nazis. The movie got nominated for a total of 8 Academy Awards, out of which it won 4. Some of the sequels to the movie got released and received a good response.
  5. The Silence of the Lambs – One of the greatest movie in the Horror genre made in Hollywood, The Silence of the Lambs, which stars Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, and Scott Glenn in the leading roles, is based on the novel written by Thomas Harris. The movie protagonist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, remains one of the most dreaded motion picture characters to date.

This is a quick guide for you so that you can choose the best movies to watch online. If you haven’t watched any of these great movies yet, download the Showbox app on your phone and watch the movies for free.

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